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HD Ceramic
Printed Glass

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Digital Ceramic printing is an unmatched process technology. Distinctive and lasting impression on building facades. In modern architecture, glass is increasingly used as decorative materials also. There are no end to the possibilities of patterns or designs and colours with regard to screen printing which enables a perfect application to the expectation of the client. High resistance to the weather and chemicals. Multi-color printing in single pass. Process: When using ceramic frit based inks, the glass is fired or tempered to fuse the inks with the glass. Due to the extreme temperature of this process there is first a decomposition of organic additives and binders of the ink. Next there is a fusion of the frit to the substrate and pigments followed by the expulsion of voids to give a compacted structure. Lastly there is a formation of a surface with the desire properties. A successful firing of a glass and ceramic ink will result in a bubble free layer of constant thickness and homogeneous pigment dispersion within the glass.

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