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UPVC Doors and Windows

Full Story

Toughglass (V-tuff) started producing high quality uPVC doors and windows frame in Kerala factories under the brand name GREENFENSTER. It is weather resistant, maintenance free, high security, water resistant, long life and customized designs. GREENFENSTER uPVC Doors & Windows, is an alternate to wood which in turn controls deforestation and helps green environment. GREENFENSTER sources profiles from Europe to maintain high quality and strength. GREENFENSTER uses uPVC blend of the highest impact resistance grade, especially suitable for tropical climates. The window profiles do not rot, corrode or brittle even under extreme conditions. The profiles are steel reinforced for maximum strength, security and durability. The unique formula and profile structure design meet the highest requirements. Besides aesthetic viewpoints, these include peak technical and physical performance values and an extremely long life while at the same time requiring minimal care and maintenance.



UPVC uses many area of construction and daily life materials.

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